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2 Home Security Measures That Can Help Lower Your Home Insurance Rates

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Home insurance is one of the most vital forms of insurance that you can have, mostly because it will help you protect one of the most expensive purchases that you will ever make: your house. However, having a recurring home insurance expense every month is not something that anyone enjoys dealing with, so it is important to find ways to reduce that expense. One of the easiest ways to reduce your home insurance rates is to make your home more security with the two home security measures listed below.

Impact-Resistant Windows

The single weakest point of your home that many intruders will target is your windows. A typical window can be exceedingly easy for a burglar to break open and access your home in a matter of seconds. In order to reduce the risk posed by your windows, you should consider impact-resistant windows that can slow a potential intruder down due to their unique construction.

Impact-resistant windows will be made from two panes of glass that have a thin layer of adhesive film between them that holds broken glass in place when the window is broken. This film will require any burglar to break the two panes of glass and pry out the film that is holding the broken glass in place before entering the home, which is very time-consuming and can help deter the intruder due to the increased risk of someone noticing him or her trying to get into the home.This will lead to lower insurance rates as the risk of your home being successfully broken into will be reduced.

Stronger Doors

The front and back doors of your home are often going to be an attractive target for many burglars or intruders because they are typically not designed to be very durable, so reinforcing them and making it harder for an intruder to enter your house will decrease the odds of your having to make an insurance claim for stolen or damaged property. This can lead to your insurance company offering you a discount on your rates to reflect the decreased risk to your home. In order to make your doors stronger against intruders, consider replacing your exterior doors with ones that swing out instead of in as an outward swinging door can help absorb the impact from an intruder attempting to push or kick the door open.

You will also want to consider replacing the strike plates on your front and back doors. The strike plate is the piece of metal that rings the hole in your door frame that the deadbolt goes into. However, most of these strike plates are made out of flimsy metal with short screws that only screw into the door jamb.

This can allow easier access for an intruder because he or she can strike the door hard enough to rip the strike plate out of the frame very easily. Replacing your strike plate with one made out of more durable metal and that uses screws long enough to reach the stud can greatly reinforce your front door.

Contact your home insurance provider today in order to discuss what steps you can take to both secure your home and qualify for a discount on your insurance policy. Impact-resistant windows and stronger exterior doors are both great security measures that can help protect your family and lower your insurance rates.

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27 June 2016