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3 Questions To Help You Choose A Medicare Supplemental Plan


Medicare supplemental insurance has a reputation for being difficult to understand, but it is quite the opposite. By asking the right questions, you can narrow down your choices and find a plan that is right for you. To help get you started, here are a few questions that you can ask about the coverage being offered.

Are Extra Benefits Included?

Medicare has limitations on what it covers. Medicare supplemental insurance can help to fill those gaps. However, not all plans offer the same benefits and if you choose the wrong one, you could be left paying out-of-pocket for some of your medical services. It is important to note that it is likely that you will have to pay extra for the benefits, but it can help you save tremendously on your medical expenses.

To avoid this, you need to consider which extra benefits you need and narrow the plans down to those that offer coverage. For instance, if you need prescription drug coverage, Part D would offer the coverage that you need.

Will You Have to Switch Doctors?

As with other types of insurance, there could be limitations on which doctors and other medical care providers from whom you can receive services. If you want to remain with your current providers, you need to verify that the coverage you are considering allows for you to continue. If not, you could be faced with paying out-of-pocket for care or receive reduced help with paying your medical expenses.

If your provider is not covered and you are willing to switch to a new one, you need to check which providers are in your area and determine if they are currently accepting new patients. You also need to know if you have to get referrals to receive care from specialists or other providers who are not in the network.

How Are Premium Increases Determined?

There is a possibility that the cost of your Medicare supplemental insurance will increase at some point. You need to know exactly how increases are determined. By knowing, you can plan ahead for an increase.

There are a few options for how to implement a premium increase. Some insurance companies choose to increase the premium as the insured person ages. Others opt to raise the premiums for everyone at one time so that age is not a factor in how the increase is decided.

Talk to your insurance provider to learn more about choosing a Medicare supplemental plan that will meet your needs. For more information, contact companies like Senior Advisors.


1 June 2017