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How Senior Drivers Can Score Auto Insurance Discounts

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If you have been driving for many years, you will have considerable driving experience by the time you get to your senior years. This means your rates won't be as high as those who have only been driving for a few years. Still, there is no harm in taking measures to reduce your insurance premiums even further. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

Take Advantage of Your Reduced Mileage

Many seniors don't drive as much as they used to drive when they were younger. For example, your annual mileage may drop if you no longer drive to work or have to drive your kids to school. Maybe you now work from home or your business premises is just around the corner. Whatever the cause of your reduced mileage, you can take advantage of it by requesting for low-mileage discounts, which many car insurance companies offer. Alternately, you can opt for mileage-based insurance, where you only pay for the actual miles you drive.

Change Your Car's Primary Driver

Some people experience reduced love for driving as they age. There are different reasons for this, such as waning desire, impaired vision or physical frailty. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a situation where you don't love driving, but you still need to get around. That means you may have to let a loved one (such as a child or grandchild) drive you around. If your designated driver has an excellent driving history and is above 25 years, then you can name them as the primary driver of your car and enjoy their favorable insurance rates.

Install Security Gadgets

Some people change cars every couple of years or so while others get attached to their cars and only upgrade when the old one can't run anymore. If you belong to the latter category, then your car probably lacks the modern-day security gadgets that can help secure your car. Examples of these gadgets include fingerprint locks, ignition kill switches, high-tech car alarms, and car trackers, among others. These installations will not only keep your car safe, but they can also make you eligible for discounts from your insurer.

Take a Refresher Driving Course

Lastly, if you have been driving for a long time, it's also possible to improve your safety on the road by taking a refresher driving course. This will help you learn new traffic rules and defensive driving techniques. The refresher course, coupled with your long driving experience, may also make you eligible for some rate discounts.


6 June 2017