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Teach People About Wildlife In A Safe Environment And Protect Everyone From Injuries

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If you are the owner of a wildlife refuge and periodically take a few of the animals that have been rescued to schools and community centers to teach people about the different species in your care, the following tips will assist with performing demonstrations in a safe environment and protecting everyone in the unlikely event that one of the animals were to bite or scratch someone during one of the exhibitions.

Use Cages, Safety Harnesses, And Gloves Before And During Shows

Before attending a school or community center, select animals to bring along with you that have a calm disposition and that are easy to handle around others. Place each animal in a cage that is large enough to provide the creature with space to lay down and relax while being transported. Pack safety harnesses and thickly padded gloves to utilize after removing animals from cages.

Once you arrive at a destination where a demonstration will be given, line the cages up side by side along a wall. Before removing an animal from one of the cages, cover your hands with gloves and secure a harness around the animal's body before attaching a leash to the harness.

Provide Demonstrations In Softly Lit Rooms And Give Treats To Animals

When making arrangements to provide the public with a demonstration, ask the school's principal or the owner of the community center if you can perform the exhibition in a room that has soft lighting to assist with keeping the animals calm throughout the show. If lighting like this is not available, pack a couple lamps and low wattage light bulbs to bring to each site.

Speak in a soft voice while showing each animal and offer treats to the animals to assist with keeping them comfortable and calm. Do not allow people to get too close to the animals to prevent one of the species from attacking or trying to jump or crawl from your arms. 

Obtain Insurance And Keep Your Policy Up To Date

Visit an insurance agency to inquire about obtaining a liability insurance policy that will provide coverage for accidents. Before attending a social event, reassure the person who oversees a school or community center that you have coverage and provide them with a copy of your policy if they request one. Make sure that your policy remains up to date at all times.

If someone were to incur an injury from one of the animals, they will be able to seek medical attention without needing to fork out large sums of money and you will not be at risk of being sued, due to an incident that you had no control over. For more information, contact a business such as Austin Insurance Agency


15 June 2017