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Insurance Coverage Options That Can Save Your Landscaping Business

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As a landscaper you have the freedom and enjoyment of owning your own business. Yet, with this freedom comes responsibility. You don't want to chance losing your entire business due to an accident or theft. For this reason it's vital that you have the right types of insurance coverage. The following are the types of extra coverage you need to consider.

Liability coverage

A single lawsuit can drive you out of business. Make sure you have business liability coverage and work with an agent to make sure it covers the specific things that are most likely to go wrong for your type of business. This includes things like damage to plants or the lawn, property damage from equipment or falling trees, and injuries caused by pesticides or other landscaping chemicals.

Transit property coverage

A general business policy should cover all of your business tools while they are located on your property, but they may not be covered while in transit or at a client's home. Since this is where damage or theft is most likely to occur, make sure you have umbrella coverage added to your normal property insurance that will cover your equipment when it is in transit or on a client's property. This coverage will also protect you if your items are stolen or vandalized while they are in use or in your work vehicle.

Loss of income

If you are an owner-operator, a major concern is that you will not be able to bring in any income if you are injured, ill, or otherwise unable to work. Loss of income coverage helps replace your income during brief recovery periods. This can single-handedly save your business in the event that you can't work. Even if you have employees, if you typically carry a large portion of the workload yourself then you should consider purchasing this coverage.

Commercial auto

Don't try to slip by with a basic private car insurance policy on the vehicle you use for landscaping. Your insurance may not cover you if you are involved in an accident while using the vehicle for business. Instead, invest in commercial auto insurance. Not only will this cover your vehicle when it is being used for work purposes, it will also cover any of the add-ons you may have, such as ramps or equipment racks.

Contact an insurance agent that specializes in working with businesses or visit websites like to make sure you have all of the coverage you need.  


17 June 2017