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Lost Cargo Affects More Than the Bottom Line

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It's never good finding out your cargo isn't deliverable due to damage after an accident; you lose not only your pay, but you may also face future loss of business depending on the cause of the accident. But it's not just your bottom line that is hurt. Lost and damaged cargo carry repercussions beyond your finances, and having adequate truck cargo insurance--not just truck insurance, but cargo-specific insurance--helps remedy the problems that lost cargo can cause.

Pollution and Litter

Anything that spills from your truck during and after an accident is litter at best, if not outright pollution. Cargo insurance helps pay for cleanup costs that you face should your cargo foul a road, stream, or any other landscape or cityscape feature. The ability to pay for those services means that the cargo won't stay in the area too long and shouldn't continue to inconvenience residents and business owners. If wildlife are affected, the insurance may or may not cover the cost of rehabilitation; always double check the company's policy regarding this.

Spoiled Cargo

So, you made it to your destination without encountering anything really bad, but now you've found that your truck's refrigeration system failed several hours ago. Much of your cargo, if not all of it, is now unsafe to eat, spoiled as the interior temperatures of the truck climbed during the hot day. For you, it's lost pay, but for markets in the area, it could be lost product, as well as lost income, and for customers, lost food and higher prices. Replacing that cargo is vital, and cargo insurance can pay for those costs.

Damaged Housing

People often think of trucks as carrying enclosed loads, but if you drive flatbeds that haul items like mobile homes or modules for modular housing, you know otherwise--and you know how treacherous transporting those can be. The risk of damage is high, which affects people's ability to have shelter. The problem is especially serious when you're transporting a mobile home that is already someone's home and not a new one, because you delay their ability to get out of temporary housing. That damage must be repaired quickly, and having insurance that will cover the costs is essential.

Don't risk other people's property or cargo--get cargo insurance that covers losses and costs stemming from cleanup or remediation. You'll feel a lot more confident on the road knowing you have this protection.


14 August 2017