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4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Health Insurance

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Shopping around for health insurance can be a stressful time. With so many options available to you, it may seem overwhelming to pick just one plan. Here are some things you should consider when shopping around for health insurance.

Know What Doctors Are In The Network

If you have a preferred set of doctors that you visit, you'll want to find out if they are included in the network for the health insurance plan. It is not enough to know that they are covered by the company, since specific plans can have limitations when it comes to which doctors accept them.

You should be checking this through the health insurance company's website. There are so many plans out there, chances are that the receptionist at the doctor's office will not know with 100% certainty if they are within the network or not.

Understand What Services Are Not Covered Until The Deductible Is Met

Another big difference in health insurance plans is what is and is not covered until your deductible is meant. Do not assume that you will only be charged a copay when visiting a specialist. You may be shocked when you get a bill in the mail for the full cost of the specialist visit.

Know When Coverage Starts

Some health insurance plans will have a waiting period, which means coverage doesn't officially start until after you have been enrolled for a specific amount of time. You'll want to understand what type of coverage you will have before you move forward with any medical procedures.

Know that you can always get supplemental insurance to cover that period where you do not have full coverage. This is called gap insurance, and it is not typically found on state insurance exchanges. You'll need to speed with an insurance agent to find the right type of gap coverage for your needs. In addition, be aware that gap insurance cannot be purchased with government subsidies.

Understand Your Deductible Year

It is important that you know for sure when your deductible year begins and ends. This can play a big role in when you get medical procedures done. For example, some plans have an enrollment year that starts and ends on the day that you signed up for insurance coverage. Meanwhile, other plans are based on the calendar year. It will be helpful to line up procedures in the same deductible year to limit the costs you pay out of your own pocket.

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6 February 2018