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How Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

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There are many things that affect home insurance premiums, but did you know that the lifestyle you lead can affect your home insurance rates? Here are four examples of lifestyles that may affect home insurance rates:

You Are a Pet Person

There are two types of people in this world: those who love pets and those who don't. Now, your home insurance company will not judge you for being one type of person or the other; however, owning a pet increases your risk of filing homeowner's insurance claims. This is mainly because visitors to your home may sue you if your pet bites them. As a result, your home insurance company has no option but to include your pet-related risks in your home insurance rates. The type of pet you own determines how much your pet ownership will affect your rates.

You Love Electronics

Some people like to live as if they envy the Stone Age, while others cram every piece of electronic equipment they can find into their homes. Again, there is no judgment; you can choose either extreme, or live anywhere in between. However, if you love electronics, you should know that your electronics are classified as your home's contents, which means the limit on contents will apply. In fact, there may also be a sub-limit on electronic items, and these limits may leave you exposed to huge financial loss if you have several expensive electronics. Therefore, you should consider getting electronic insurance added to your standard home insurance coverage to boost your level of protection.

You Travel a Lot

There are two main ways in which your love for travel may affect your home insurance rates. First, if your house remains vacant while you are away, and you are away for months at a time, you may need vacant home insurance. This type of coverage is slightly higher than standard home insurance, because a vacant home is more of a security risk than an occupied one. Secondly, if you travel with your personal belongings, you need to buy a policy with high limits for off-premises content coverage. That way you will be covered if you lose your personal items on one of your travels.

You Love Smoking

Lastly, your love for smoking may also increase your home insurance rates. This is because a typical smoker's home faces a higher risk of a fire outbreak than a typical non-smoker's home. Fire is one of the most dangerous risks, as far as home insurance is concerned, so your rates may increase to cover the elevated risk. You can visit sites like for more information.


16 March 2018