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3 Tips For Avoiding A Car Insurance Policy Lapse

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As you probably already know, having car insurance is an important part of being a driver. Along with signing up for a policy, it is critical to make sure that your policy does not lapse. If it does, you could face legal issues, and you might not have the coverage that you need when you need it. Fortunately, as a car owner and insurance policy holder, there are things that you can do to avoid a car insurance policy lapse, such as trying these tips.

1. Make Sure You Can Afford Your Coverage

If you can't afford your car insurance coverage, then you might have a hard time keeping up with your policy payments. This can lead to you facing a lapse in coverage at some point. Shop around for affordable car insurance so that you can keep your payments low. Not only will this help you avoid a policy lapse, but it can help you with your budgeting in other ways, too.

2. Pay for the Entire Policy at Once

If possible, consider paying for your car insurance policy for the entire six months or one year term. Although some people don't like having to pay the full amount at one time, doing so is a good way to make sure that you are covered for the life of the policy without worrying about missing any of your payments. You might score a policy discount from your insurance company for doing this, too.

3. Set Up Auto Pay

If you aren't able to pay for your entire policy at once or if you would prefer to break your payments into monthly installments, there are still things that you can do to avoid a policy lapse. For example, if it is available through your car insurance company, consider setting up an auto payment plan. With this type of plan, your payment will typically be charged to your credit or debit card or drafted from your bank account on a set day each month. This will help you avoid forgetting to make a payment and then having a lapse in coverage. Just make sure that you have the money in the bank when it's time for your payment to come out, and keep your insurance company informed if you switch banks or get a new credit or debit card.

If you are hoping to avoid a car insurance policy lapse, taking one or more of the steps above can help you out a lot. Contact an insurance company like Illinois Insurance Center Inc to learn more. 


18 November 2019