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Top 3 Discounts For Teen Auto Insurance

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Many parents feel both surprised and shocked when they call for an auto insurance quote for their new teenage driver. Teenager auto insurance can be expensive, and this is normal, no matter what insurance company you choose. There are three great discounts, though, that teen drivers can qualify for and obtaining all three of these can make a significant difference in the costs for a teenager's auto insurance coverage.

Completion of driving school

Teenagers who are reaching the age where they can get a license are able to enroll in driving school, and there are actually several good reasons you should enroll your child in this:

  1. It will teach your teen how to drive in ways that are safer. Your teen might have a lower risk of getting into an accident by taking a driving course. Additionally, teens that take these courses may be less likely to engage in risky driving behaviors. If you want your teen to have a higher chance of staying safe while driving, this school is a good option.
  2. You will pay less for insurance. Most insurance companies offer discounts for teens who take and complete any type of driving course. To learn how much you can save, you should contact an auto insurance company.

These two reasons make the costs of driving school worthwhile.

Good student discount

Did you know that you could save anywhere from 15% to 25% off your premiums for your teenager by taking advantage of a good student discount? This is a discount that many insurance companies offer to teens who earn a B average or better. If your teen is a good student, all you have to do is submit report cards to your insurance agency to take advantage of this discount. This is a significant discount, so you should encourage your child to get good grades for this reason. There are many other reasons to encourage good grades, too, but this one is a really important reason.

Multi-car discounts

If your teen will have a car, you probably have other cars that you are currently insuring. If so, adding the teen and his or her car to your policy will result in a discount for having a multi-car policy.

You will likely save the most money if your teenager qualifies for all three of these discounts. You can learn more about other discounts and the prices of auto insurance coverage for teens by calling a local insurance agency.


26 December 2019