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Common Types Of Auto Insurance

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Have you ever wondered what types of auto insurance you can choose from and purchase? While some people might understand auto insurance well, others have many questions about the types and how it works. If you are new to auto insurance, it might help to know the most common auto insurance types available. Here are four of the most common types.

1. Liability Coverage

The most common type of auto insurance you can get is liability coverage. If you purchase a policy with minimum coverage, you will receive a policy with liability-only coverage. This coverage type is a legal requirement in most states, and every auto insurance policy comes with it. The good news is that having liability coverage helps you meet the state's requirements. The bad news is that it does not protect your car if you cause an accident. It only protects other people, their cars, and their damages.

2. Comprehensive Insurance

The second type of auto insurance is comprehensive coverage, and this is an excellent type to keep on your plan. Comprehensive protects you from non-driving damages, such as storm damage and vandalism. If you experience damage from these events, your comprehensive coverage compensates you for your damages. This coverage also protects you if you ever encounter an animal collision while driving. If you need full-coverage insurance, this is one type of protection your plan will include.

3. Collision

The next common type is a collision. Collision coverage protects you more than any other type of auto insurance. With collision, you can receive compensation for your car's damages if you do something that leads to an accident. Having collision coverage is essential if your car is valuable or if you owe money to an auto loan lender.

4. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The fourth most common type of auto insurance coverage is called uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. These two coverage types come together as one type, yet they offer two protection types. Most auto insurance policies include these coverage types with standard plans. If you ever have an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver, your plan covers your damages. Having these coverage types is necessary because there are many uninsured drivers on the roads today.

As you think about these options, you might decide to purchase liability-only or other types. If you are unsure what types you need, ask a local auto insurance agent for advice and insight. 


25 November 2020