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Personal Liability Coverage Is an Important Safeguard

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More often than not, when an individual engages in an activity in which their negligence puts another person at risk, their intent is not to hurt someone. However, in the eyes of law, intent does not always matter. If your actions impact someone else, the victim may be able to come after you for their damages. Personal liability coverage is a great tool to help safeguard you in this type of scenario.

1. Blanket of Protection

Personal liability insurance can provide you with a blanket of protection if you are found responsible. These policies often help cover the costs of the other person's injuries or property damage. However, what some people forget is that the protection can go beyond these expenses. First, you can use this coverage to pay a settlement. For instance, if you can settle the case outside of the court, you may be able to use funds from your policy to cover the settlement. Second, should you end up in court, you can also use this policy to help cover your share of legal costs.

2. Limits to Coverage

While personal liability insurance provides a great deal of coverage, it is important to mention that there are limits. In terms of limits, the most important thing to remember is that the details surrounding the incident are the most important. Personal liability coverage is only applied for incidents in which you are the responsible party, not a family member. Additionally, the coverage cannot be used for damages caused by a business-related matter, even if you are the owner of the business. Lastly, it cannot be applied for damages related to an auto accident.

3. Coverage Limits

Similar to an auto or homeowner's insurance policy, you have the opportunity to set the coverage limits for your policy. While each person has the right to purchase as little or as much coverage as they want, as a general rule, the more assets a person has, the more liability protection they should purchase. One reason for this is that the more assets you have, the greater the amount the victim may potentially choose to sue you for. Since you would be responsible for any amount exceeding the value of your coverage, a policy with a higher limit would minimize, or eliminate out-of-pocket costs.

If you would like to explore or learn more about your options, speak with personal insurance coverage providers. 


2 February 2021