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3 Ways To Save Money On Your Car Insurance Without Compromising Your Coverage

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The ability to find affordable car insurance is essential to most people's budgets. Unfortunately, many of the money-saving tips that you will find ultimately require you to sacrifice the quality of your insurance coverage in order to reduce your monthly payments. Thankfully, this is not the case with the tips outlined below. Not only will these tips help you to save money each month on your car insurance premiums, but they will allow you to do so while still maintaining the level of coverage you truly need. 

Complete a Defensive Driving Course

When a car insurance company provides you with a quote, that quote is based primarily upon the amount of risk that the insurance company is taking by choosing to issue your policy. If you have had accidents or traffic violations in the past, the insurance company will charge more for your policy because you pose a higher risk of filing a claim against that policy due to your driving habits. Completing a defensive driving course can help to correct bad driving habits and teach you how to be a safer driver. In exchange for completing this course, insurance companies will typically offer a discount that is equal to a set percentage of your initial quote. However, you should be aware that most insurance companies will only offer this discount for a certain period of time after the course is complete. Consequently, you may need to repeat the course in the future in order to continue enjoying this discount. 

Inquire About Safe Driving App Discounts

Many car insurance companies now make use of mobile apps that are able to capture data about the way you drive. By capturing data regarding acceleration and braking times, time spent on the road, average speed, and other key factors of safe driving, an insurance company is able to better assess just how much of a risk you really are. While using this type of app is probably not a good idea if you are a very aggressive driver, it can be a great way for most drivers to earn a substantial safe driving discount. 

Consider Buying Online

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to save money on car insurance without compromising your coverage in the process is to simply choose to purchase your policy online. This is because many insurance companies now offer discounts to customers who choose to shop online rather than getting a quote either in person or over the phone. This discount is often a percentage of whatever your initial quote is. Best of all, many people find that not only does this option allow them to save money, but it can often be more convenient as well since you can purchase a policy at any time rather than be restricted to normal business hours. 


11 May 2021