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3 Tips To Help You Save On General Liability Coverage For Your Business

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While the desire to save money on your general liability insurance policy is quite understandable, it is important to remember that this savings is only truly beneficial if you are still able to secure the quality coverage you need to ensure you and your business are truly protected. After all, spending money on insurance that doesn't offer the protection you need is a waste of money in the long run regardless of how much you saved in the short term. That is why the money-saving tips below focus on ways to help you secure lower premiums without compromising your coverage in the process.

Tip #1: Work With A Business Insurance Agent

When it comes to buying other types of insurance products, such as life or car insurance, most people face the same basic risks and need the same basic types of coverage. This is not the case when purchasing general liability insurance. Each business and the risks that they face are truly unique. As a result, the perils that they must ensure are covered by their insurance policy can be quite different from one another. Working with a business insurance agent to customize your general liability insurance policy will help to ensure not only that you are getting the insurance coverage you need, but that you are also not paying for coverage that you do not need based upon the risks of your specific business model.

Tip #2: Avoid Filing A Claim For Small Incidents

While it can be tempting to file a claim for every possible loss to get the most out of your general liability insurance policy, giving in to this temptation can backfire on you in a big way when it comes to the cost of your monthly premiums because insurance companies routinely charge more if you have a history of filing claims. On the other hand, many of these same companies will offer a substantial discount to companies that can avoid filing any claims over an extended time. Consequently, you will want to avoid filing small claims since the payout on these claims will often be less than what you will pay in higher premiums over the long term. 

Tip #3: Demonstrate Your Commitment To Safety

Insurance companies carefully weigh the risk they are taking by underwriting your insurance policy before giving you a quote for this policy. The higher their risk is, the more you can expect to pay for your general liability insurance coverage. Taking steps to help minimize this risk and demonstrate your overall commitment to safety can help you to secure the lowest possible rates. Requiring employees to take part in ongoing safety training is one way in which you can demonstrate this type of commitment.


26 October 2021