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4 FAQS About Auto Insurance For New Drivers

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Every driver is required, by law, to have adequate auto insurance. Accidents are unpredictable and depending on the damage done, expensive.

First-time drivers must have insurance before taking their cars out on the road. So, here are answers to some of the most common questions concerning car insurance.

How Do You Know How Much Car Insurance You Need?

Each state has a requirement for the minimum amount of coverage a driver must have. This amount is the lowest amount required by law, so most drivers buy coverage for extra protection in case of a serious accident.

It's best to buy the highest level of coverage you can afford based on your budget. Choosing insurance that includes both collision and comprehensive coverage is recommended. This coverage helps pay for damage, a totaled car, and a stolen car.

If Someone Else Drives Your Car, Are They Covered?

This depends on the type of coverage you choose. Not all plans contain a clause that covers drivers you give permission to use your car. If this is something you need, ask your insurance agent about adding it and if there is any additional cost.

With the permissive driver's clause, you can add the name of individuals permitted to drive your car, and they will be covered. In most cases, if another insured driver has an accident while driving your vehicle, that driver's insurance pays first—your insurance is used as a secondary source of payment.

What If You Don't Own A Car? Can You Still Buy An Insurance Policy?

Some new or younger drivers may not own a car, so there are choices for those drivers. Beginner drivers are often added to their parent's insurance plans if they plan to drive family-owned vehicles.

However, if you are a legal driver without a car, but you have someone who lends you a vehicle when needed, you can buy insurance coverage. These are known as non-owner policies and provide the basic protection required by law in the driver's state.

The non-owner policies typically include uninsured motorist coverage in case of an accident involving a driver who does not have insurance coverage. These plans most often offer some type of medical coverage as well.

Will Your Car Insurance Plan Pay For Accidents In Rental Cars?

Your car auto insurance policy most likely pays for accidents in rental cars; however, it's also best to discuss this with your insurance agent if you aren't sure. With most plans, your personal coverage does provide liability insurance at the very least.

If your policy doesn't offer rental car coverage or doesn't offer enough coverage, you can buy insurance from the car rental agency. When renting a car, you have the choice to purchase full coverage during your rental period.

Contact an auto insurance agent for more information. 


25 May 2023