Four Common Types Of Auto Insurance

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Automotive insurance is designed to protect you from the financial costs that come from a collision or accident involving your vehicle. However, while all automotive insurance policies are designed to perform the same function, each is slightly different and provides a different amount of coverage. Understanding the differences between some of the most common types of auto insurance can help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Liability Coverage

16 June 2018

Shopping For A New Home? To Keep Your Home Insurance Rates Down, Keep These 3 Tips In Mind

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Buying a home comes with a lot of costs. One mistake that new homebuyers often make is failing to consider the cost of homeowner's insurance along with the mortgage rate and other costs. Your home insurance is an ongoing cost of homeownership, and you want to make sure that your insurance rate doesn't cause the total cost of homeownership to exceed your budget. There are a few things that you can keep in mind while shopping for a home that will help keep your home insurance premiums low.

24 April 2018

How Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

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There are many things that affect home insurance premiums, but did you know that the lifestyle you lead can affect your home insurance rates? Here are four examples of lifestyles that may affect home insurance rates: You Are a Pet Person There are two types of people in this world: those who love pets and those who don't. Now, your home insurance company will not judge you for being one type of person or the other; however, owning a pet increases your risk of filing homeowner's insurance claims.

16 March 2018

4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Health Insurance

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Shopping around for health insurance can be a stressful time. With so many options available to you, it may seem overwhelming to pick just one plan. Here are some things you should consider when shopping around for health insurance. Know What Doctors Are In The Network If you have a preferred set of doctors that you visit, you'll want to find out if they are included in the network for the health insurance plan.

6 February 2018

How Your Home's Location Impacts Your Insurance Premiums

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There are many factors that go into determining your overall insurance premiums. While some things are in your control, such as selecting your deductible, others are not.  One thing that you cannot change about your current home is its location, and it will impact the premiums due to several reasons, many of which affect the cost of your residential insurance claims. The Potential For Natural Disasters Different areas are more prone to natural disasters than others, which can make this unavoidable.

18 December 2017

Why People Drive Without Buying Car Insurance

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Car insurance is one of the most useful and common insurance coverage in the country, but some people still don't have it. Here are some of the excuses people use to avoid buying auto insurance: They Think Car Insurance Is Expensive Car insurance might be expensive, but that shouldn't stop you from buying coverage. First, there are tons of things you can do to reduce your coverage rates; here are just a few of them:

28 October 2017

3 Things You Should Know When Traveling To Canada

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Canada is our friendly neighbor to the north and while it might seem simple enough to cross over the border for a visit, there are some things visitors to the country will need to keep in mind. If you are traveling from the United States to Canada, here are three things you'll need to know. Their Health Care System Won't Pay For Your Medical Needs Canada is a country that has something called socialized medicine.

18 September 2017

Ls Hiring A Public Claims Adjuster A Smart Move?

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After filing an insurance claim, you more than likely expect to receive your claims check within a reasonable period. Sometimes, there are delays or the amount that is offered by the insurance company does not meet the expectations of the policyholder. When this happens, a public claims adjuster could help. If you are unsure if you need a public adjuster to help with your claim, here is what you need to know.

17 August 2017

Lost Cargo Affects More Than the Bottom Line

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It's never good finding out your cargo isn't deliverable due to damage after an accident; you lose not only your pay, but you may also face future loss of business depending on the cause of the accident. But it's not just your bottom line that is hurt. Lost and damaged cargo carry repercussions beyond your finances, and having adequate truck cargo insurance--not just truck insurance, but cargo-specific insurance--helps remedy the problems that lost cargo can cause.

14 August 2017

Benefits Of Hiring An Independent Insurance Agent To Represent You For All Your Insurance Needs

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Buying an insurance policy can be a very complicated process for a customer. It is a field wherein insurance professionals use a number of industry phrases that can leave the uninitiated completely confused. It's the language of industry professionals. When you combine their jargon with multiple clauses and fine print details, you are better off hiring an independent insurance agent who will secure the best policy for you. What A Quality Independent Insurance Agent Does for You

27 July 2017